Europe Representatives

Lean2win is proud to be the european representative of the prestigious american brand, Unitrol Electronics, Inc. This company specializes in resistance, soldering and brazing controllers. Lean2win highlights the Unitrol SOFT TOUCH pinch safety system, integrated in the Unitrol control, which protects the soldering machine operator against serious finger pinch and hand injuries. Unitrol is the world leader in this domain and distinguished itself throughout the years in terms of technical advancements in these technologies. We also offer the extensive line of refrigerated process water chillers. Lean2win provides technical support and maintenance for Unitrol products in Europe. Lean2win also has a area for workplaces, where we use the Lean methodology, offering services in consulting, project, execution and turnkey solutions.

Soldering controllers

Lean2win is proud to be the European representative of the prestigious american brand Unitrol Electronics, which specializes in soldering equipment. From the extense catalogue of this company, we highlight the Soft Touch pinch point safety devices, process control monitors and the advanced refrigerators. Unitrol is the world leading company in finger and hand pinch point safety systems for soldering operations and has been distinguished throughout the years for the technological advancements in this area. Lean2win also ensures the technical support and maintenaince for Unitrol products in Europe.

Soldering and electrodes support

Lean2win is equipped with all the technology that allows us to develop and produce soldering supports, also known as soldering jigs and electrodes to satisfy the needs of your company. We are also qualified for the elaboration of projects in soldering and have the necessary conditions to provide you with the most innovative solutions in this area, that is so critical to the quality of your products. Lean2win works and develops solutions with high resistance and durability materials, such as electrolytic Copper, Molybdenum, Copper/Tungsten and Tungsten.

LEAN Solutions / Engineering and Automation

Lean2win offers several solutions specially tailored for your client:

  • Engineering / Automation
  • Equipment Certification
  • Maintenance Plans / Preventive Maintenance
  • Work places
  • Transport screens
  • Fixed and dynamic storage solutions

Lean2win has a work places area, employing the Lean methodology where we offer services in the area of consulting, project, execution and turn-key solutions.

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