Copper electrodes

Electrodes in electrolytic copper with specific machination to adapt to the components

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Process Water Chillers

Since 1971, Unitrol produces industrial refrigerators which include features that are additional costs in other brands. These resources are provided without extra costs to deal with the continuous full capacity operations under the most severe industrial conditions.


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Accustart – Electronic Tip Monitor

Uses the most recent microcomputer technology and contains a differential pressure transducer. By subtracting the return pressure to the cylinder work pressure, the flux effects or air leaks in the cylinder’s interior can be detected and stop the welding until the adequate soldering pressure is achieved.



Soft Touch Safety System

A new safety function is already available in all Unitrol soldering controllers. This function maintains a very low soldering pressure until its safe to apply the final soldering force.

HOW IT WORKS: After starting the soldering operation, the electrodes start to close with a low pressure. A Unitrol continuity sensor system verifies when the electrodes close over the metal to be welded. If an obstacle is detected before closing, the electrodes return to a completely open position. It is not necessary to adjust the SOFT TOUCH when the soldering pressure parameters are changed or when the electrode spacing is modified.

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